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Carolina Hurricanes – Dallas Stars: will the Stars take revenge?

Dallas will play Carolina on 14 February and will try to take revenge. Our prediction for this match can be seen below.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina once again showed their best side, beating Dallas with a score of 5:3. The team acted confidently in attack, which allowed it to stay ahead throughout the match. The win was the Hurricanes’ fifth away away win this season, which signals a strong readiness to play on the ice.

Also, “Hurricanes” in the away series were able to prevail over “Columbus” (6:5) and “Chicago” (4:3). The main strength of the team at the moment is a confident play in attack, which allowed them to score 20 goals in five matches.

Dallas Stars

Dallas continues to be in decline. The losing streak reached four games after the Stars lost to Carolina at home (3-5). The strong defense of the team let down, which very rarely concedes such a number of goals. Also, goalkeeper Khudobin did not show himself in the best way, reflecting 87% of the shots.

Prior to this, the Stars lost to Chicago twice, although they were favorites. Recently, Dallas has had problems with the implementation of chances in attack, which leads to defeats, as was the case in the games against the Blackhawks. With a high number of lost points, Dallas dropped to sixth in the Central Division standings.


Dallas have been playing awful lately. This is due to the fact that the team does not implement most of the chances in the attack. Also, problems began in defense, which was clearly noticeable in the game with Carolina. The Hurricens have shown excellent away play throughout the season, so the team has another chance to show their best side.

Our prediction is the victory of Carolina with a handicap (0).

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